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We believe in the power of our vision and the strength of a neutral, interdisciplinary platform that welcomes exchange and thrives on collaboration. Based on our LLI vision, we address the needs of our stakeholders with projects that focus on the spectrum of legal transformation. 

Get in touch with us, if you’d like to participate in a project or work on something new with like-minded partners, using a strong network in industry and academia. We are keen on connecting experts to get a comprehensive view on the topic.

One of our main objectives is to proactively collaborate with industries and institutional partners on projects, to think ahead – together. Projects are driven by collaboration and outcome. Do you have great idea for a new project, that the LLI should work on. Become a member and contribute your idea via our Project Request Form.

Join the Liquid Legal Institute to benefit from the membership or get in touch with us directly. Be part of the LLI community to actively shape new thinking in the legal sector!

Currently, we have five working groups and one goal…


The process of changing data into a digital form that can be easily read and processed by a computer.


A set of methods and principles used to perform a particular activity.

/ˌkɑːmpjuˈteɪʃənl lɔː/

The branch of legal informatics concerned with the automation of legal reasoning.


The process of making objects or activities of the same type have the same features or qualities.


A process of teaching, training and learning to improve knowledge and develop skills.

/ˈkɑːmən ˈliːɡl ˈplætfɔːrm/

THE open platform for leading professionals, offering new perspectives on the transformation of legal departments, law firms and the legal system.

… and five ways to collaborate!


A piece of work involving careful study of a subject over a period of time.


A new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose.

/ˌraʊnd ˈteɪbl/

A discussion, meeting, etc. at which everyone is equal and has the same rights.


A room or building used for scientific research, experiments, testing, etc.


A planned public or social occasion, virtual or personal.

Feel free to explore our freely available resources in form of Publications and Podcasts.

We are influenced by the vision and needs of all stakeholders. It is important to ground the vision and the ideas within specific projects. Projects serve as nucleus to initialize and develop ideas and to provide answers to relevant questions with regard to our 5 working groups Digitalization, Standardization, Education, Methodologies and Legislation & Material Law. The results will be fully available to all members of LLI. We will publicly share certain tools and information about our working. They aim to stimulate follow-up activities and foster the exchange of ideas and innovation.
One of our main objectives is to proactively collaborate with industry and institutional partners on concrete projects to think ahead – together.

We are a neutral platform where experts from all domains can contribute, collaborate, and benefit. We strongly believe that sharing information is beneficial to users of legal services.

Based on our vision we address projects along the spectrum of the legal transformation. Get in touch with us or become a member if you want to participate in a project or if you want to work on something new with like-minded partners, using a strong network in industry and academia!