Project image: © Jason Leung on Unsplash

Meta-Lex: The Ultimate Legal Transformation Resource Library

Why We Do It

Recent years have brought a proliferation of excellent resources for the trans(formation)-curious: books, articles, studies, reports, podcasts, videos and educational programs.

There are sites with lists focused on a few topics, as well as excellent vendor and service provider sites.  To date, however, we’ve found no centralized, comprehensive, curated list that would help all people who are interested in the transformation of the legal profession and industry, regardless of stage on their journey: beginners, more advanced innovators, professionals, researchers.

Born of this frustration when an LLI member early in their journey started a private list, this project seeks to fill the above gap by developing and hosting a quality, collaborative resource for the benefit of all – devoid of commercial motivation.

Robert Dilworth

How We Do It

The current concept is, first within LLI, to agree upon a set of essential topic categories. Then list resources that we find best and most useful.  Where within LLI we have a related Project, Working Group or otherwise a subject matter expert, we’d ask these members to leverage their experience by contributing and ranking resources that they find most helpful and would first recommend to others.  We will compile this list in GitHub.  In a second stage, we will invite partners from other organizations, bar groups, universities, leading law school Centers on Legal Tech & Innovation, Centers on the Legal Profession, etc. to comment and contribute.  

In this or a third stage, we will engage partners outside of Europe, North America and Australasia to ensure that we broaden our Eurocentricity so as to be helpful to colleagues in other regions in ways supportive of their journeys.  While LLI will host the site, we hope that all partners and contributors will cross-link to Meta-Lex so that it becomes the premier global reference hub.