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Microsoft 365 for Legal

Why we do it

In the dynamic landscape of legal technology, Microsoft 365 stands out as a pivotal player. The “Microsoft 365 for Legal” roundtable is driven by the recognition that legal departments are undergoing a paradigm shift. As enterprises universally embrace Microsoft 365 as a fundamental component of their IT strategy, legal departments find themselves at the intersection of technology, business, and efficiency metrics. The roundtable is a response to the escalating expectations placed on legal departments, where KPIs like effectiveness, efficiency, costs, and productivity take center stage. By addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, we aim to facilitate a collaborative dialogue that bridges the realms of Legal, Business, and IT.

Sebastian Schüssler

Sebastian Schüssler

Alexander Gröger

How we do it

his roundtable adopts an integrative approach, acknowledging that the evolving landscape demands a holistic understanding of the Microsoft 365 platform within the legal context. Instead of isolated solutions, we recognize the need for a comprehensive strategy that aligns with the broader goals of legal departments. By fostering collaboration and insights across Legal, Business, and IT, we intend to uncover the untapped potential of Microsoft 365.

The goal is to inspire action and innovation without being hindered by IT regulations, creating a space where legal professionals can leverage the richness of the Microsoft platform for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Liquid Legal Summit 2024

Current issues such as decreasing enrollments, a lack of essential skills, inefficient processes, and digital disparities in justice indicate a deep-rooted crisis. Accelerated by AI developments, these problems particularly impact copyright and regulatory aspects of the legal sector. These topics will be discussed at the Liquid Legal Summit on July 4 at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn, focusing on joint efforts to tackle these challenges.