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Legal Operations

Why We Do It

The “Legal Operations” Roundtable is a dynamic forum created by the Liquid Legal Institute to delve into the multifaceted realm of Legal Operations Management (LOM). The legal industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in the role of Legal Operations Professionals (LOPs), raising pivotal questions about their tasks, expectations, and required skills. This initiative aims to unravel the intricacies of the LOM role, providing a dedicated space to explore the challenges and struggles faced by LOMs. By fostering collaborative discussions, the roundtable seeks to address critical questions such as the selection of software tools, best practices for creating a Maturity Assessment, and strategies to optimize legal operations. It’s an inclusive platform designed for professionals seeking insights, advice, and a vibrant exchange of ideas in the ever-evolving landscape of legal operations.

Bernhard Waltl

How We Do It

The “Legal Operations” Roundtable is a collaborative space where members engage in open dialogues and discussions about the intricacies of Legal Operations Management. The initiative encourages professionals, experts, and industry thought leaders to share their experiences and insights. Through a series of curated discussions, the roundtable will explore fundamental questions surrounding the role of LOMs, the expectations and skills required for effective legal operations, and the challenges encountered in this domain.

The platform will not only serve as a knowledge-sharing hub but also feature speakers and experts who bring a wealth of practical experiences to the table. By fostering a sense of community and creating opportunities for interaction, the roundtable aims to facilitate peer-to-peer learning, empowering participants to navigate the complexities of legal operations effectively.


Every second Friday from 4 to 5pm CE(S)T

Liquid Legal Summit 2024

Current issues such as decreasing enrollments, a lack of essential skills, inefficient processes, and digital disparities in justice indicate a deep-rooted crisis. Accelerated by AI developments, these problems particularly impact copyright and regulatory aspects of the legal sector. These topics will be discussed at the Liquid Legal Summit on July 4 at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn, focusing on joint efforts to tackle these challenges.