Virtual Reality for Work and Play

Virtual reality is it hype or a huge opportunity?

Join us for a series of events in which participants are invited to gain first-hand experience while practicing their technical VR skills in a small group.

Our purpose is to create an experimental «sandbox» where we can learn about and explore virtual reality and the legal implications of Metaverse(s).

LLI is establishing itself as the leading international legal platform for open-minded legal professionals.

Interested in expanding your competence beyond physical reality?

Anita Lamprecht

Portrait photo of Karla Schlaepfer

Karla Schlaepfer


 … new business spaces & business models will open new business opportunity for all stakeholders in the legal ecosystem.


… our clients will explore new business opportunities and navigate a largely (legally) undefined space – and will need legal guidance & support!


.. so much is unclear, ambiguous and yet to be defined! The legal ecosystem must be proactive and collaborate to uphold the function of law also in the Metaverse.