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The Future of Legal Education: The New School of [Law]

Why We Do It

“The Future of Legal Education – the New School of Law” project is driven by the imperative to adapt legal education to the challenges posed by digitalization and emerging societal demands. Recognizing that the legal profession, like every other discipline, requires a new set of skills to navigate the evolving landscape, the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) takes a proactive stance in preparing legal professionals for the future. The project is motivated by a commitment to ensuring that lawyers and legal experts are equipped with the skills necessary for the digital future of law and the legal industry. LLI acts as a platform for fostering discussions on new ways of thinking, standing for values such as neutrality, open-mindedness, and diversity, crucial for supporting the necessary changes in legal education.

Dierk Schindler

How We Do It

In collaboration with renowned experts in the field, the LLI actively supports initiatives aimed at enhancing legal education. The focus extends beyond students to encompass legal professionals and other experts, acknowledging the need for ongoing skill development. The project particularly endorses and supports the New School of [Law] initiative, which introduces a groundbreaking curriculum outlining the skills essential for the digital future of law and the business of law. The initiative goes further by offering a set of modules designed to instill a fresh mindset, new capabilities, and specific tools and techniques. Through this proactive approach, the project not only ensures survival but also facilitates thriving in an efficiently evolving future.