Project image: © Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash 

Corporate Digital Responsibility for Legal

Why we do it

The “Corporate Digital Responsibility for Legal” roundtable is a pivotal initiative by the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) that brings together leading experts from legal innovation, digital ethics, compliance, and corporate digital responsibility. The primary goal is to collaboratively develop a framework that advocates for the integration of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) principles in the legal sector. This initiative seeks to align the LLI digital ethics code with a practical ethical legal innovation roadmap. By combining these elements, the roundtable aspires to create a blueprint that enhances ethical practices in legal operations, ensuring that the legal industry adapts responsibly to the digital era. Moreover, the roundtable aims to publish the application of this framework across various legal contexts, focusing on key topics and areas of use, providing a unique collection of insights on CDR for legal.

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How we do it

The roundtable employs an inclusive and collaborative approach, connecting experts from diverse backgrounds such as legal innovation, digital ethics, compliance, and corporate digital responsibility. The process involves active discussions, workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions to develop a robust framework that integrates CDR principles into the fabric of legal practices.

To ensure practical implementation and sustainable change, the roundtable plans to establish a strong community of legal professionals and service providers who actively advocate for CDR. Workshops, events, and an online community are envisioned to facilitate ongoing discussions and knowledge exchange. This collective effort is designed to not only define CDR guidelines but also to actively contribute to the responsible and ethical evolution of the legal industry in the digital age.