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Accessibility and DEI in Legal

Why we do it

The “Accessibility and DEI in Legal” roundtable is motivated by a commitment to fostering a new perspective on accessibility within the legal domain. We recognize the importance of shedding light on this topic from diverse viewpoints, sharing experiences, exploring technological possibilities, and injecting fresh perspectives. Our belief is that inclusion not only breaks down barriers but also unlocks significant potential for innovation. By addressing accessibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the legal landscape, we aim to inspire positive change and facilitate the understanding that embracing differences can lead to transformative advancements. The roundtable, conducted in collaboration with the ACC, endeavors to bring together a global community to explore these themes in the context of the legal profession.

Martin Clemm

Marc-Aurel Reif

How we do it

The roundtable series kicks off with a comprehensive overview of enhancing accessibility and usability in online meetings and digital collaboration, leveraging existing tools and possibilities. Subsequent sessions delve into various aspects, including how inclusion becomes a key factor for emerging markets, the impact of relevant change processes, and the added value of inclusion in organizational contexts.

Each session features distinguished speakers, offering diverse perspectives on accessibility and DEI. The series aims to foster interactive discussions on this crucial and promising topic, with ongoing plans to explore further themes in subsequent sessions.

Liquid Legal Summit 2024

Current issues such as decreasing enrollments, a lack of essential skills, inefficient processes, and digital disparities in justice indicate a deep-rooted crisis. Accelerated by AI developments, these problems particularly impact copyright and regulatory aspects of the legal sector. These topics will be discussed at the Liquid Legal Summit on July 4 at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn, focusing on joint efforts to tackle these challenges.