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Remote Legal Teams

Why We Do It

The legal landscape is rapidly evolving into a globally connected network, with digital and cloud technologies offering unprecedented opportunities for communication and protection. Remote legal teams represent a paradigm shift, yet hesitancy and a focus on challenges persist within the legal community. 

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2021 Update - Remote Legal Teams FAQs

Who would have thought that our Remote Legal Work user-research (2020) would retain its relevance for so long? We’re happy to share how virtual working is seen through the eyes of lawyers. The results are presented in a “Frequently Asked Question” format and address the hypotheses that we raised in our first paper, “ Remote Legal Teams: Getting Started and Making It Work!” Have a look at our FAQs and let us know if these answers match with your experience!

How We Do It

Our interdisciplinary team at LLI, Virtual Legal Teams, operates in a remote environment utilizing agile tools such as personas, user stories, MS Team Kanban boards, and co-created product backlogs on platforms like Miro. Our approach revolves around transparency, and we invite collaboration from all interested parties. The project’s deliverable will offer insights into the state-of-the-art digital technologies and tools, emphasizing knowledge bases, project management, and team collaboration. By visualizing legal user stories, we seek to demonstrate the real-world application of our methods. For instance, one key legal user story revolves around helping lawyers understand the risks and opportunities of remote legal teams, empowering them to leverage technology while safeguarding organizational interests. Ultimately, our project aspires to contribute to the development of a legally successful, healthy, and inspired corporate legal culture where legal professionals and teams can thrive in remote environments.

The Liquid Legal Institute’s “Remote Legal Teams” project sets sail as a speedboat, aiming to provide swift orientation and model scenarios for the setup and utilization of remote legal teams. Our mission is to shift the narrative from problem-centric to opportunity-centric, showcasing the advantages while addressing inherent risks transparently. By aligning with other LLI projects, especially those focused on Agile methodologies, we intend to create a synergy that allows seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Here is a short list of benefits of remote legal teams for open-minded lawyers: