Project image: © Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash 

Human-centered Leadership Circle

Why we do it

In a world increasingly driven by technology, the “Human-centered Leadership Circle” initiative recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining a focus on human values in leadership. The initiative stems from the understanding that effective leadership goes beyond organizational success and must prioritize the well-being and growth of individuals within the workplace. We aim to cultivate a leadership culture that is empathetic, inclusive, and attuned to the diverse needs of team members.

Yana Heussen

Jo Aschenbrenner


How we do it

The Human-centered Leadership Circle employs a multifaceted approach to instill human-centric values in leadership practices. This involves hosting workshops, roundtable discussions, and mentorship programs that facilitate open dialogues about human well-being in professional settings.

Through case studies and shared experiences, we identify best practices for human-centered leadership, emphasizing qualities such as emotional intelligence, active listening, and fostering a positive work environment. By connecting leaders across industries and providing resources for continuous learning, we aim to nurture a leadership style that prioritizes the human aspect in every decision and strategy.

Liquid Legal Summit 2024

Current issues such as decreasing enrollments, a lack of essential skills, inefficient processes, and digital disparities in justice indicate a deep-rooted crisis. Accelerated by AI developments, these problems particularly impact copyright and regulatory aspects of the legal sector. These topics will be discussed at the Liquid Legal Summit on July 4 at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn, focusing on joint efforts to tackle these challenges.