Agile Working Method for Legal Departments

Why we do it

The “Agile Working Method for Legal Departments” project is born from the core mission of the Liquid Legal Institute—to foster collaboration and facilitate knowledge exchange among its members. Recognizing the increasing relevance of Agile Working Methods in legal departments, we initiated a collective effort to provide a comprehensive overview of their implementation across various firms. The aim is to share insights, successes, setbacks, and practical experiences to offer a real-world perspective. This project is not a scholarly endeavor but a practical guide, detailing the journey of legal departments in adapting Agile methodologies. By bringing together diverse approaches, tool landscapes, and narratives of adaptation, we aim to demystify Agile for legal professionals and make the process enjoyable and accessible.

Evgeny Ioffe

How we do it

The project unfolds as a vivid travelogue through the landscape of Agile adoption in legal departments. Starting with a glimpse into legal departments before Agile practices, it introduces Agile methodologies and initiates a dialogue. The narrative includes practical steps for implementation, reflections from various firms and coaches, and an exploration of Agile Manifesto principles and values in the context of legal work.

The emphasis is not on prescribing a destination but on making the journey of Agile adoption tangible and relatable. The content is designed to be engaging, providing a mix of insights, handouts, and reflections to simplify the initiation into Agile methodologies. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed, fostering an ongoing collaborative spirit within the Liquid Legal community.