Why we do it

In response to the mounting cost pressures and the evolving expectations placed upon legal teams, our project, “Data-driven Legal Inhouse Departments: KPIs and more,” was conceived to address the imperative for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Legal departments, akin to other business units, are undergoing a transformation where new management tools and techniques are essential.

The need to showcase the value contribution of legal teams to overall business processes is accentuated not only by internal stakeholders but also by external entities such as customers, authorities, and the labor market. Recognizing these dynamics, our project seeks to establish a common understanding of the power and utility of data, information, and knowledge within legal departments.

How we do it

Within the framework of this project, we delve into fundamental questions essential for steering legal departments toward becoming data-driven entities. Discussions revolve around the necessity of measurement, clarifying definitions of data, information, metrics, and KPIs, designing comprehensive processes for Legal Inhouse KPIs, and determining what metrics to prioritize. 

We scrutinize the nuanced challenges of managing and leading with KPIs, understanding that introducing metrics, KPIs, and dashboards signifies a paradigm shift. This shift involves replacing traditional decision-making based on expertise and seniority with data-driven rationalized discussions. Initiating the practice of measuring legal work heralds an entirely new approach to team management, necessitating a distinctive set of leadership skills tailored to this evolving landscape.

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Astrid Kohlmeier

Astrid Kohlmeier is a lawyer and internationally recognised legal design pioneer who runs a legal design consultancy. Co-author of ‘the legal design book’, Astrid advises legal departments and law firms on developing user-centric legal solutions with a focus on innovation and digital transformation. Astrid is a member and lecturer of the Executive Faculty at the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession, co-founder of the non-profit Liquid Legal Institute e.V., a speaker at relevant conferences worldwide and collaborates with a global network of legal designers.

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Matthias Bosbach

Matthias builds solutions made from tech components and classic consulting. He loves how people come together around a result that actually solves a problem. The challenge is to listen and carve out the real issue they have been having all along. His advice to job crafters is to never stop trying.

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Portrait Sten Günsel

Sten Günsel

Sten is a seasoned advisor who loves spotting new pathways in the digital transformation wilderness. He enables the team and cooperation partners to contribute their own ideas and strengths, ensuring the end result fits the big picture. He wishes he had let go of project roadmaps much earlier, focusing instead on agile methodologies and moving targets.

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Kai Jacob

Bernhard simply calls him "the swiss army knife of legal transformation".

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