Why we do it

The “Legal In-house Processes” project undertaken by the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) is driven by a notable shift in the mandate for legal in-house processes. What was initially conceived as a limited “keep us out of trouble” approach has evolved into a more dynamic role—a business enabling partner. In response to this transformation, in-house legal functions are increasingly becoming integrated into broader business processes. LLI recognizes the need to align with this evolution and proposes a project to define proper legal in-house functions. The primary objective is to facilitate seamless integration with business operations, actively contribute to the ongoing digitalization of legal functions, and ultimately enhance the delivery of legal services in a value-adding manner. This project underscores the acknowledgment that successful execution requires dedicated efforts, resources, and skills. Therefore, establishing a project group with clear capabilities and, crucially, dedicated resources is imperative for the project’s success. In essence, the project encompasses distinct phases: Analysis, Consolidation, Optimization, Implementation, and Life cycle management.

Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr

Baltasar Cevc

How we do it

The “Legal In-house Processes” project is strategically designed to navigate the evolving landscape of legal in-house functions. Recognizing the project’s comprehensive nature, the LLI emphasizes the need for dedicated efforts, resources, and skills. To ensure the project’s success, a specialized project group with clear capabilities is established, and, critically, dedicated resources are allocated. 

The project is structured to progress through key phases, starting with a detailed Analysis to gain insights into existing processes. This is followed by the Consolidation phase, where findings are streamlined and organized. The Optimization phase aims to enhance and refine processes for increased efficiency. The Implementation phase puts the refined processes into action, and finally, the Life cycle management phase ensures ongoing effectiveness and adaptability. By methodically traversing these phases, the project aims to shape legal in-house processes that align seamlessly with business operations, actively contribute to digitalization, and elevate the overall delivery of legal services.

If you are interested, feel free to contact: Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr, Baltasar Cevc, Claudia Pichlmeier, Tamay Schimang or Bernhard Waltl

Presentation and Discussion of the Legal In-house Process Landscape (Past Event)

Thursday, 8 April 2021, 18-19 CET

Thank the great event, presentation, panel and discussion amongst including many of the great participants!


  1. Short presentation
  2. Round-table and discussion round
    • Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr, Project Lead, Olympus
    • Baltasar Cevc, Lawyer and Entrepreneur, fingolex
    • Nina Stoeckel, Senior Director LE Operations, Merck KGaA
    • Maurus Schreyvogel, Chief of Legal Innovation, Novartis AG
  3. Call for participation
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