First Global Report on the State of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice by Michał Jackowski and Michał Araszkiewicz


This report represents the results of the survey “AI in Law Firms 2023”, together with
expert commentary provided by leading researchers working in the field of AI and
Law, Legal Informatics and the Law of AI. Many of them are affiliated with organizations that have been delving into the nexus between artificial intelligence and law
for over three decades. Despite this long-standing focus, the recent surge in the
adoption of artificial intelligence over the past year prompted a decision to expand
the research scope to encompass empirical considerations. Our objective was to
understand the current tangible impact of AI on the realm of legal practice. To this
end, we surveyed over 200 law firms globally, representing nearly 100,000 legal professionals. We sought to ascertain their perspectives on the rapid proliferation of
AI, exploring how they employ AI tools, their concerns, perceived limitations, and
the opportunities they identify. Subsequently, this report was reviewed by a select
group of researchers who provided insights into our findings and formulated their
own views on the future development of AI tools’ implementation in legal practice.
This publication harmoniously melds the empirical and statistical outcomes with a
scientific exploration of AI’s evolution in the legal sector.

Michał Jackowski

Michał Jackowski

Michał Araszkiewicz

In cooperation with: Adam Zadrozny, Andrzej Porebski

With expert commentary by Federico Costantini, Gijs van Dijck, Martin Ebers, Enrico Francesconi, Saptarshi Ghosh, Jakub Harašta, Marc Lauritsen, Tomer Libal, Juliano Maranhão, Masha Medvedeva, Ugo Pagallo, Ken Satoh, Burkhard Schäfer, Giovanni Sileno, Jaromír Savelka, Minghui Xiong, Xiao Chi, Vern R. Walker, Bernhard Waltl, John Zeleznikow, Tomasz Zurek.