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Metaverse in Business of Legal

Why we do it

The “Metaverse in Business of Legal” roundtable is driven by the recognition that the legal landscape is not immune to the transformative influence of the metaverse. As the metaverse becomes an integral part of the business ecosystem, legal professionals must navigate its complexities. This roundtable aims to dissect the intersection of the metaverse and the legal industry, exploring its implications, challenges, and opportunities. By fostering a collaborative space for legal experts, tech innovators, and business leaders, the roundtable seeks to anticipate the legal considerations arising from the metaverse and strategize how to harness its potential responsibly.

Anita Lamprecht

How we do it

The roundtable adopts an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together legal minds, technology experts, and business strategists to delve into the multifaceted impact of the metaverse. Through panel discussions, case studies, and interactive sessions, participants collaboratively analyze emerging trends, regulatory hurdles, and innovative applications of the metaverse in the legal domain.

Workshops focus on crafting strategies for legal professionals to navigate contracts, intellectual property, and privacy concerns within this evolving digital realm. By fostering dialogue and knowledge exchange, the roundtable aims to equip legal practitioners with the insights and tools needed to adeptly engage with the metaverse in the business of law.