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The Oath of Justitia Competition

Why We Do It

The “Oath of Justitia Student Competition” is driven by a commitment to engaging the next generation of legal professionals and encouraging them to envision a modern and ethically grounded legal practice. Initiated in early 2021 by the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI), the competition invites students from around the world to participate in formulating a contemporary Hippocratic Oath specifically tailored for lawyers. The project aims to stimulate creative thinking among students, challenging them to consider the ethical responsibilities inherent in the legal profession. By providing a platform for students to shape the ideals that guide legal practice, the project contributes to fostering a sense of ethical commitment among future legal practitioners.

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How We Do It

The competition unfolds as a global initiative that captures the attention of students worldwide, with a total of 22 registrations spanning five continents. The project offers three distinct accolades, including the First Prize for the Oath, the Runner Up Prize for the Oath, and a Bonus Prize for the Best Deployment Plan. The latter encourages students to not only articulate a modern Hippocratic Oath but also strategize on how their oath could gain traction within the legal industry and be widely adopted by various stakeholders.

The involvement of industry leaders, such as Mark A Cohen, CEO of Legal Mosaic, adds a significant endorsement, contributing to the competition’s visibility and impact. This competition thus serves as a platform for students to envision and contribute to the ethical future of the legal profession.

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The Competition

We were excited to welcome jury members from across the world, namely:

  1. Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger
  2. Laura Fauqueur
  3. Václav Janeček
  4. Quddus Pourshafie
  5. Marc Quabius
  6. Nina Stoeckel
  7. Emma Ziercke

You can read more about our jury members here:

We are delighted that our winning teams have found this competition an enriching experience. Here are their thoughts on the project:

The Sentinels of Good Feelings:

We were drawn to the competition by the incredible chance to design an oath for the legal profession which could impact how law is practised all over the world! In addition, amidst COVID-19, we were excited to have an excuse to work together (even though we were never physically with each other) and have a social connection in a time of physical distancing.  Our philosophy in writing the oath was that even if the present was bleak, the future of law was bright! Our commitment to optimism also inspired our team name—good feelings all around!

The Gavel Smashers:

We initially signed up for The Oath of Justitia Competition because it was a new and fun way to consider the role of ethics within the profession. Furthermore, coming from Australia, it offered a meaningful way to connect with the international legal community. We have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a good lawyer in a time of rapid technological change, and are eager to see where the project goes from here.

The winning teams

Having held our remote awards ceremony on 12th June 2021, we are now delighted to announce the competition results and congratulate the winning teams.

First Prize winners

The Sentinel of Good Feelings Team, consisting of:

Elijah Granet (University of Bayreuth)

Alexandra Molitorisová (University of Bayreuth)

Lissy Verrall (Inns of Court College of Advocacy)

Runner Up Prize winners

The Gavel Smashers Team, consisting of:

Winona Horton (University of Melbourne)

Angela Stevens (University of Melbourne)

Matt Harper (University of Melbourne)

Best Deploymen Plan Prize winners

The Sentinel of Good Feelings Team, consisting of:

Elijah Granet (University of Bayreuth)

Alexandra Molitorisová (University of Bayreuth)

Lissy Verrall (Inns of Court College of Advocacy)