Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) for the Legal Sector

Why We Do It

The “Corporate Digital Responsibility for Legal” Roundtable is a pioneering initiative by the Liquid Legal Institute, bringing together leading experts from legal innovation, digital ethics, compliance, and corporate digital responsibility (CDR). The overarching goal is to develop a comprehensive framework that promotes the seamless integration of CDR principles within the legal sector. This initiative aims to amalgamate the LLI digital ethics code with a practical ethical legal innovation roadmap, creating a robust foundation for responsible digital practices. Moreover, the project envisions publishing the application of this framework across diverse legal contexts, focusing on specific topics and areas of use, culminating in a unique collection of insights on CDR for the legal profession. To ensure lasting impact, the initiative will build a strong community of legal professionals and service providers dedicated to advocating for CDR, utilizing digital platforms and conducting on-site workshops and events.

Bernhard Waltl

Evgeny Ioffe

How We Do It

To kickstart this transformative initiative, the “Corporate Digital Responsibility for Legal” Roundtable will harness the collective expertise of legal innovators, digital ethicists, and compliance specialists. The focus will be on developing a holistic framework that not only aligns with existing CDR principles but also addresses the unique challenges within the legal sector. The initiative will employ a multi-faceted approach, combining the insights derived from the LLI digital ethics code with a practical legal innovation roadmap.

A key aspect of the project involves creating a dynamic community of legal professionals and service providers passionate about CDR. This will be achieved through the establishment of a digital community platform and the execution of on-site workshops and events, fostering dialogue, collaboration, and the sharing of best practices. By proactively defining digital social, environmental, and sustainability goals, this initiative seeks to position law firms as leaders in corporate digital responsibility.


Every month, on the third Monday, at 5 pm CE(S)T

Fourword: CDR – das betrifft doch den Rechtsmarkt nicht, oder doch?

Ob wir wollen oder nicht, die Interaktion mit Algorithmen und künstlicher Intelligenz ist längst zum Alltag geworden. Mit den Fortschritten der Digitalisierung und digitalen Transformation erleben wir permanent, dass datengetriebene Geschäftsmodelle, Algorithmen und künstliche Intelligenz zunehmend mit gesellschaftlichen und sozialen Normen und auch mit unseren gesetzlichen Regelungen kollidieren. 

by Dr. Bernhard Waltl, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the Liquid Legal Institute

Fourword CDR

Legal Business World: Responsible Innovation, CDR, and the Legal Sector

by Jolanda Rose, Associate Legal Process and Technology at KPMG Law and Bernhard
Waltl, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the Liquid Legal Institute

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Why should the legal sector care?

Responsible use of innovation. Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, at the latest, there has been no doubt that legal tech and legal operations are no longer a matter of theory, but must be implemented in all areas of the legal industry. Management of legal departments, managing partners of law firms, executives in government agencies and the judiciary are under pressure to do more and more work in less time. Many have had to switch to digital working overnight and have mastered this change more or less successfully.

Liquid Legal Summit 2024

Current issues such as decreasing enrollments, a lack of essential skills, inefficient processes, and digital disparities in justice indicate a deep-rooted crisis. Accelerated by AI developments, these problems particularly impact copyright and regulatory aspects of the legal sector. These topics will be discussed at the Liquid Legal Summit on July 4 at the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn, focusing on joint efforts to tackle these challenges.