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Standardization of Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Why We Do It

The “Standardization of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)” project is driven by the objective of creating standardized NDA templates based on Ken Adams‘ existing version. These templates will be tailored to accommodate regional variations, ensuring adaptability for global use. The primary motivation behind this project is to establish a comprehensive, enterprise-ready NDA template that can be universally adopted. By leveraging Ken Adams’ foundational work, the team aims to enhance the efficiency and consistency of NDAs used across various contexts.

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Kai Jacob

How We Do It

The project unfolds through a systematic process. Firstly, the team reviews the current NDA version, proposing necessary changes and ensuring it meets enterprise standards. Secondly, during the content review, the team identifies and suggests definitions for relevant meta-content, including elements such as “clauses,” “variables,” “alternatives,” “fill-ins,” “risk parameters,” “rules,” and “interdependencies.” Simultaneously, the team assesses strategies for distributing standardized NDA content, along with meta-content, to vendors.

Vendors interested in adopting the standard are expected to describe the “inbound process” or the way such content is integrated into their systems. This multi-faceted approach ensures the creation of a robust, universally applicable NDA template and reflects the project’s commitment to promoting standardization in legal documentation.