Data-driven Legal Inhouse: KPIs and Metrics

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Print-on-demand via Weblaw Read on Gitbook Download as PDF Why we do it In response to the mounting cost pressures and the evolving expectations placed upon legal teams, our project, “Data-driven Legal Inhouse Departments: KPIs and more,” was conceived to address the imperative for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Legal departments, akin to other business units, […]

eSignature – Overview and Implementation Guide

Print-on-demand via Weblaw Download as PDF Why we do it he onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the inefficiencies inherent in traditional paper-based processes, especially when it comes to signing and approving contracts using handwritten signatures. The delays caused by such practices have underscored the critical need to transition to more agile and efficient […]

Legal Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs: Open-Source Resources

Project image: © TUM research group Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis) GitHub Repository for Legal Ontologies Why we do it The project “Legal Ontologies and Knowledge Graphs – Open Source Resources” emerges from the realization that the absence of a standardized data format and interface poses a significant challenge in connecting diverse sources […]

Legal Text Analytics: Open-Source Resources

GitHub Repository for Legal Text Analytics Support us via Ko Fi Why We Do It The field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Mining for legal documents holds immense potential for transforming how legal professionals interact with and extract insights from vast amounts of text. Recognizing the need for a centralized hub of resources, […]

The Oath of Justitia Competition

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Why We Do It The “Oath of Justitia Student Competition” is driven by a commitment to engaging the next generation of legal professionals and encouraging them to envision a modern and ethically grounded legal practice. Initiated in early 2021 by the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI), the competition invites students from around the world to participate […]

Common Legal Platform – Principles

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Project image: © iStock ID:1172022792 Download the publication What is it about? Over recent years, we’ve witnessed the emergence of various platforms, predominantly in the commercial sector, that have already integrated certain elements of the Common Legal Platform (CLP). These endeavors demonstrate that the vision of a CLP is not an unreachable utopia; instead, it […]

Legal Inhouse Processes

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Project image: © Martin Adams on Unsplash Read on Gitbook Download as PDF Why we do it The “Legal In-house Processes” project undertaken by the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI) is driven by a notable shift in the mandate for legal in-house processes. What was initially conceived as a limited “keep us out of trouble” approach […]

The Future of Legal Education: The New School of [Law]

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Why We Do It “The Future of Legal Education – the New School of Law” project is driven by the imperative to adapt legal education to the challenges posed by digitalization and emerging societal demands. Recognizing that the legal profession, like every other discipline, requires a new set of skills to navigate the evolving landscape, […]

Remote Legal Teams

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Why We Do It The legal landscape is rapidly evolving into a globally connected network, with digital and cloud technologies offering unprecedented opportunities for communication and protection. Remote legal teams represent a paradigm shift, yet hesitancy and a focus on challenges persist within the legal community.  Karla Schlaepfer Project lead Contact me Jutta Löwe Project […]

Lawyer Well-being – The Silent Pandemic

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Download as PDF Print-on-demand via Weblaw Why we do it The initiation of the initiative “Lawyer Wellbeing – The Silent Pandemic” by the Liquid Legal Institute stems from the imperative to address the escalating mental health crisis within the legal industry. Even before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, the legal profession was grappling with […]