The Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (LLI) is an international think tank on the legal transformation.

We invite all stakeholders in the area of law to join our open, neutral and interdisciplinary platform to collaboratively design the future of legal.


The members of the Liquid Legal Institute represent the entire legal sector, from legal departments and law firms to legal tech companies, LPOs and other novel service providers in the legal market, as well as justice, government, and administration. We connect legal  and non-legal professionals. We promote an active network to other communities and professions contributing to the future of legal. 

Our topics cover the full spectrum of the legal transformation, from technical aspects to new ways of thinking and acting, as well as humanization and the law. In doing so, we address the next practical steps as well as the long-term visions.

Latest activities

Our core activities are projects, initiated and driven by our members, complemented by labs, initiatives and roundtables on general, overarching themes. Our activities connect leading experts, provide guidance on important topics, and generate insights about latest trends. Become part of the community and inform yourself about our latest activities, new trends and topics and our long-term visions.

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