Metaverse for legal – Workshop

What can you expect​

What is the Metaverse from a legal perspective? Together with our expert, we will explore the connection between Virtual Reality and the Metaverse, and what implications this has for the legal profession.

How do I navigate the Metaverse? We will show you the controls and security measures necessary for operating the devices. We will guide you through your first steps into the Metaverse.

What do I do in the Metaverse? We have prepared several experiences for you. How do you collaborate in VR? How do you convey information? How do you have fun? We will answer these questions together.

That was a lot! What now? We conclude the experience day with a critical examination of the Metaverse and the technology from a legal perspective.

Leading expert

Dr. Anita Lamprecht

Workshop programme

The desired number of VR glasses will be prepared in advance and delivered to the workshop location the evening before.

The VR glasses will be set up at the workshop location and made available to the participants.

Experienced coaches will accompany the participants in their first steps into the Metaverse.

Participants can expect various personal experiences as well as several exciting lectures and workshops on selected topics (bespoke content).

An experiential day concludes with a critical examination of the metaverse and technology from a legal perspective, followed by a discussion.

For further information, please refer to our LLI’s Metaverse project page: