Diversity Code

The aim of the LLI is to drive forward the transformation of the legal market. We see diversity as a critical success factor, and have therefore drawn up our own LLI Diversity Code! We want to live diversity – without thinking about it.

LLI is already diverse and wants to stay that way! But we would like to do even more: besides talent and qualification, our members also bring in their own personalities. The more diverse these personalities are, the more diverse the Liquid Legal Institute becomes.

In doing so, we do not only orientate ourselves towards the dimensions of diversity present in every person qua existence (aka person-immanent diversity: age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin etc.), but we also concentrate on the diversity in thinking, in the point of view, the way of thinking, the way of working, the behaviour etc. (aka behavioural diversity).

With this in mind, we have formulated our own LLI Diversity Code together with diversity coach Anna Engers to help us transform the legal market through the “wisdom of many”.

LLI’s Diversity Code

Are positive about and interested in other people
Welcome and believe in the richness of diversity
Purposefully reflect on the ideas of others
Always explore other ways of working first, before criticizing them
Always give another chance and remain curious about the other person
Embrace failure as means to innovate, to learn and transform our industry
Try to be conscious of our stereotypes and recognize those that trigger wrong behavior
Foster a respectful atmosphere and a friendly interaction
Tackle issues as they arise and deal with conflicts in a timely manner
Are deliberate in using our language, so it is inclusive and accepting of differences