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student seats availiable at the LLI thanks to our members

For students

Who are we looking for

We are seeking dedicated and aspiring students from legal and also other backgrounds who are passionate about legal innovation and eager to make a difference in the legal industry.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the latest trends in legal technology, developing innovative solutions, or gaining practical experience through project participation, our Student Chapter welcomes individuals who are eager to learn, collaborate, and contribute to the future of law.


Insights into legal tech: As LLI members, students can gain deep insights into the emerging field of legal tech and familiarise themselves with the latest technologies and trends in the legal sector at an early stage.

Professional networks and contacts: Through membership in the LLI, students can make valuable contacts with legal tech professionals that can prove extremely useful for future career opportunities.

Participation in roundtables: Members are invited to exclusive roundtables that allow students to participate in high-caliber discussions on current legal and technological topics.

Participation in project groups: As a member, students can actively participate in project groups that deal with specific topics in the field of legal tech and thus gain valuable experience.

A platform for ideas and innovation: The LLI provides a platform where students can develop and present their ideas in the field of legal tech.

Access to resources and training: Members have access to legal tech resources, which can help expand students’ knowledge and skills.

Opportunities to help shape the future of law: Through membership in the LLI, students can actively contribute to shaping the future of law.

How to apply

Just fill out the form below or contact our student chapter lead directly.

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For member organizations

How to support student memberships

LLI members have the opportunity to support the Student Chapter in various ways. One impactful way is by offering some of their free seats to students, providing them with access to valuable resources and networking opportunities within the organization.

Additionally, LLI members can mentor students, share their expertise, and provide guidance on navigating the legal tech landscape. By actively engaging with students and offering their support, LLI members can help foster a supportive and collaborative environment for the next generation of legal professionals.


Recognize talent at an early stage: Corporate Members have the opportunity to recognize promising talent at an early stage and get in touch with them. This allows them to build long-term relationships, benefit from members’ skills and perspectives, and target potential future professionals.

Impact on education: Supporting the Student Chapter offers corporate members the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the education of future legal professionals. Through their involvement, they can influence the development of professionals with legal tech skills.

Networking opportunities: Supporters gain exclusive access to a network of engaged students, allowing them to build long-term relationships and benefit from members’ skills and perspectives.

Promoting innovation: Collaboration with the Student Chapter not only promotes access to young talent but also enables the promotion of innovation in the field of legal tech. Corporate members can actively contribute to supporting new ideas and approaches and thus strengthen their innovative power.

Visibility and reputation: Supporting the Student Chapter offers Corporate members the opportunity to strengthen their corporate reputation and be recognized as a supporting member of an important initiative in the field of legal tech. This can have a positive impact on the company’s image.

For student organizations

Why to collaborate

Collaborating with the LLI offers student organizations a unique opportunity to tap into a vast network of legal and tech professionals. By joining forces with the LLI, student organizations can gain access to valuable resources, expertise, and industry insights that can enhance their initiatives and programs. Moreover, the LLI’s focus on innovation provides a forward-thinking perspective that can complement the goals of student organizations seeking to stay abreast of emerging trends in the legal industry. Collaborating with the LLI opens doors to new possibilities for student organizations to expand their reach, engage with industry leaders, and make a meaningful impact within the legal community.

How to collaborate

Student organizations interested in collaborating with the LLI can explore various avenues to engage with the organization. One approach is to reach out directly to the LLI’s leadership team to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. This could involve co-hosting events, workshops, or seminars that align with the interests and objectives of both parties. Additionally, student organizations can leverage the LLI’s platform to promote their initiatives, share resources, and connect with like-minded individuals within the legal and tech sectors. By fostering a collaborative relationship with the LLI, student organizations can leverage the collective expertise and resources of the organization to amplify their impact and achieve their goals.