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LLI Ambassador Program

Our Ambassadors

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Robert Dilworth
Robert has 30 years experience as an in-house global financial institutions (BofA and Deutsche Bank) in New York and Frankfurt. Prior to that, 6 yrs at Cleary Gottlieb as a banking and securities law associate. Having U.S. and French law degrees, Robert thrives in a comparative context and cherishes the greater objectivity that expatriate experiences often bring. His practice areas (derivatives, securities, banking) are often well ahead of development of the law. So he is no stranger to ambiguity and uncertainty - good intellectual tools for today’s world. At BofA he co-leads a new Strategic Innovation & Thinking work stream within his department’s Innovation Steering Council. He splits life as much as possible between New York City and Hamburg. Trans-atlanticism has always been core to his life. In the Ambassador role he seeks to be a bridge between like-minded innovators on both continents and convince more of his fellow North Americans to taste the refreshing Liquid Experience.
Ambassador North America
Managing Director & Associate General Counsel, Bank of America / BofA Securities
“Life in a pandemic accelerated my thinking about purpose, the rest of my active legal career, the ways in which I need to adapt and the outmoded thinking that I must discard. The LLI informs this quest almost daily. Through LLI I have found not just deep thinkers, but the most open, interesting, interdisciplinary global fellowship of doers and shapers of legal’s future. One much wiser than I wrote 'The mind, stretched by a new idea, never shrinks back to its original dimension.’ This embodies the Liquid Experience - a constant, iterative growth mindset in the service of civil society."
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Dr. Anita Lamprecht
Anita is a lawyer, researcher, and most of all an expat. Living abroad for more than a decade with her family deepened her interested in the cultural concepts behind law. A topic she studied many years ago at university as part of her specialisation in the law of cultures, religions and legal philosophy. However, Anita's legal practice mainly concentrated on litigation and arbitration in civil law. Currently, Anita is focusing once again on research. Especially, the question how technology can help us keep control over our lives. Regardless of our whereabouts and cultural backgrounds.
Ambassador Austria & Switzerland
Independent lawyer and researcher
"Helping to design a future for our children that is worth living. Knowing your rights is the first step."
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Tatiana Caldas-Löttiger
Tatiana is a business lawyer with 12+ years of experience working in the intersection between law, technology, and regulatory affairs with a focus on the telecom/IT law/Cloud industries, Tatiana has a solid understanding of the regulatory environments in the EU, USA, and LATAM from working on technology policy issues with political bodies, policymakers, and academia. Tatiana is also a board member, and entrepreneur who serves as a strategic business advisor for startups developing and/or using AI-driven solutions and focuses on the globalization of emerging technologies. Since 2014 has been a regular speaker at the Global Legal Skills Conference.
Ambassador Nordics
Entrepreneur & Senior Legal Counsel
"I joined LLI to keep abreast of how Legal is evolving and what is doing to support corporations in the digital era. I find value in learning best legal practices from seasoned in-house lawyers and enjoy collaborating with colleagues from around the world and other professionals working at the intersection between law, technology, and innovation."

Becoming an LLI Ambassador?

Every member can become an LLI Ambassador. Importantly, LLI Ambassadors must be nominated. We welcome self-nominations!

After you submit your nomination, the Executive Board will discuss it with the Supervisory Board. Subsequently, we make a final decision during a regular meeting between the two boards.

Why have LLI Ambassadors?

The Liquid Legal Institute has flourished very well over the past years and has made great progress both in substance and in our membership. Recently, we have been approached by a number of individuals with the desire to further the geographical expansion of our Institute. Someone suggested that we appoint Ambassadors to represent our interests across different regions. We are putting this plan into action straight away! 

In the long run, we are looking to expand the Ambassador Program as much as possible. 

What is the expectation?

We give the role of Ambassador to members who strongly identify with the objectives of the Liquid Legal Institute. The duration of membership plays just as little a role as the seniority in the respective company or organization. Most importantly, the appropriate person is one who can credibly communicate our transformational goals. In other words, we want to exchange ideas with all colleagues worldwide who are involved in digital transformation in their company or function and whose voices we would like to amplify through our network of like-minded people.  

In conclusion, an Ambassador represents the Liquid Legal Institute to the outside world and connects the newly acquired contacts internally, so that our network gradually grows for the benefit of all.  

What do we provide?

In order to help the Ambassadors to represent the Liquid Legal Institute, we can provide the following resources: 

  • Info Package 
  • Access your own MS Teams channel for the local team 
  • 40% discount on the two Liquid Legal books published by Springer 
  • LLI Marketing materials 
  • Use a small budget for networking events, for example, to rent an event location or provide refreshments
  • A board member will participate in welcome meetings 
  • Actively participate in the Liquid Legal Institute Ambassador Program and regularly collaborate with other Ambassadors
  • Promote yourself as “LLI Ambassador”

You have ideas for how we could support your specific situation? Then just let us know. We are more than happy to offer support!