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We want to be influenced by the vision and needs of all stakeholders. It is most important to ground the vision and the ideas within specific projects. Projects serve as nucleus to initialize and develop ideas and to provide answers to relevant questions with regard to digitalization, standardization, legal design, and access to justice. The results will be broadly communicated to the public and aim to stipulate follow-up activities, and foster the exchange of ideas and innovation.

One of our main objectives is to proactively collaborate with partners from industry on concrete projects to think ahead – together.

We want to serve as a neutral platform where experts from all domains can contribute, collaborate, and benefit. We strongly believe that sharing of information is beneficial for individuals and cooperates and users of legal services.

Based on our vision we address projects along the spectrum of the legal transformation. Get in touch with us or become a member if you want to participate in a project or if you want to work on something new with like-minded partners and a strong network in industry and academia.


You certainly have a topic you’re passionate about in our field of work. We look forward to hear your suggestion for new projects using the project request form and to start the project with you. Many existing projects will also gladly welcome collaborators. Please send your proposal via email to info@liquid-legal-institute.org.


24 May
Projects - Standardization

Standard (global) Non-Disclosure-Agreement

EXPECTED OUTCOME / GOALS A standard NDA, consisting of a set of clauses and rules incl. a wide...
11 May
Digitalization - LegalTech - Projects

Lawyer Well-Being

Covid-19 is changing the world with unprecedented intensity and speed – it feels like our public...
26 Nov
Digitalization - LegalTech - Projects

Legal Agile Toolkit

WHAT IS IT AND WHO IS INVOLVED? Digital Communication and integration between industries foster a...
31 Aug
Digitalization - LegalTech - Projects

The Digital Association – transforming the Liquid Legal Institute e.V.!

WHAT IS IT AND WHO IS INVOLVED? The 2018 founded Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (LLI) is promoting...
31 Aug
Digitalization - LegalTech - Projects

Digitalize Public Sector

WHAT IS IT AND WHO IS INVOLVED? The Liquid Legal Institute e.V. (LLI) promotes new...
26 Jun

Future Legal Education

WHAT IS IT AND WHO IS INVOLVED? In this Forum, a targeted group of international experts in...