LIQUID LEGAL CAMP (Liquid Legal Jahrestagung II 2020) together with Convent

The second Liquid Legal Camp will again be organized together with Convent, the event company of Die Zeit publishing group, and is planned for Q1 2020. We will present innovative topics from the second LLI book “Designing Tomorrow’s Legal – A Common Legal Platform (CLP)” to be published by Springer also in Q1 2020.

The camp will be an interactive continuation to the first meeting in 2018:

  • It will run over two days, from noon to noon, and will include an evening event.
  • There will be fewer forum presentations and more group work in clusters and tribes.
  • We will have five topic clusters:
    1. Standardization,
    2. Education,
    3. Digitalization,
    4. New Methodologies, and
    5. Legislation & Material Law.
  • While the immediate findings will be shared at the conference, the tribes will continue to work beyond the event to deliver tangible results which can be leveraged within LLI.

The event is open for public. Members will get a discount on the registration fee.

For more information, contact Dierk.